Gynecology follow up


I welcome you in my office, with your full personal history, without any judgement. The consultation is divided in different parts.

During a discussion, I get to know you better to be able to fill your medical notes and to organise your follow up. I ask you about your medical history, your treatments ... 

I take time to answer your questions and to give you the informations you need.

The physical examination (breast examination, internal examination) is done only if necessary and with your consent. You may come with a dress or a pareo to feel more confortable.

 Being a midwife, I can prescribe contraception, screening, blood test, scans if it is needed.

In case of pathology, I will send you to a doctor for advice.


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I use a method called "BERCER", wich is an acronym for Bienvenue (Welcome), Entretien (Discussion), Renseignement (Information), Choix (Choice), Explication (Explanation), Retour (Feedback). In other words : I take time to discuss with you in order to help you to choose the best contraception for you. 


B – Bienvenue

E – Entretien

R – Renseignement

C – Choix

E – Explications

R – Retour

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Let yourself be rocked !



I can prescribe contraceptive pill, IUD, implant, vaginal ring, female or male condom ...


Several screenings exist in gynecology depending on your age and risks factors. I can perfom smear test, vaginal swabs for sexually transmitted infections ...

You may have a look at the links below to know more about screenings in France.

Perineum reeducation

Please, do not stay on your own with pelvic floor concerns !

Every women might have pelvic floor concerns during they lives, such as leaking for example. You may come to my office for reeducation sessions. You will learn how your pelvic floor is working and technics to reduce your symptoms. We will work with a probe and/or vaginal examination in association with postural exercices.